This Is Why You Should Freelance While You’re Still Studying

 While making a living out of it, I’ve had one of the most rewarding experiences writing as a freelancer. It has completely changed my life if I may go personal, and that’s why I highly recommend it to anyone.

I’ll go into detail in this article, and let you know why freelancing as a student is the best idea ever;

Money Runs The World

Obviously, freelancing is a way to earn extra money as a student ( you cannot do it full time as a student). I understand that as a student, you’re likely to be exposed to free alcohol and parties. Sometimes selling a kidney to earn money could seem like a more accessible option lol; but establishing your reputation as a freelance writer is worth an investment if you ask me.

The moment projects start rolling in, this career can keep you flexing around campus (if that’s your thing). The best part of this is that once you come out to the real world and out of campus, your portfolio and history of satisfied clients will hold up for you.

Increase Your Entrepreneurial Skills

It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to become an entrepreneur or not; freelancing will automatically turn you into one. Working for yourself helps you develop your emotional and personal life without depending on your parents. This is where you discover your strengths and weaknesses.

There’s a lot of emailing and writing to do. You’ll see your technical skills develop over time as you work with several clients worldwide. Communicating on skype, google, and other freelancing sites will improve your communication skills, and all these tasks put together are very significant in your entrepreneurial life.

You get to learn how to sell your services by marketing yourself! The best part of this is that you will never be alone- there are several people like you online.

Create Your Brand And Become A Better Communicator

A more significant percentage of students are broke. Some are big introverts, and to them, creating an individual profile in the world might be challenging. Online is the best place for an introvert to build their brand and develop their communication skills.

Most introverts are very sensitive, and it takes regular gratification to raise their self-confidence and realize their skills. The online world will give you more than enough; you’ll get paid, showcase your talent, and earn very kind words from your audience.

Patience And Persistence

I used to be a type-A person with zero patience – working behind the keyboard; I can promise you have forced me into developing my patience skills. As a freelancer, I have needed patience from communication with my clients to payment approvals.

I have had to choose my words very carefully and re-read through them before clicking the send button. 

Written texts can easily offend as compared to a face to face conversation- you better watch your words, hun.

I once worked with a client who needed revisions in all the 15 articles he assigned me ( you might not get how heavy this is if you’re not a writer). My point is – persistence is essential in this field if you want to be successful.

No one wants to hear this, but sometimes being persistent will mean persuading a stubborn client to pay for your completed project. You only get to learn this when you become an actual freelancer. By that, I suggest becoming a professional  in this field.

 The Bottom Line

You are either looking for a productive means to fund your life while n school, or like me, a full-time job as a freelancer; it’s simple to identify your strengths, and go out to the world, and showcase them.

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