What Will Make a Client Rehire You

  As a freelancer, you are probably hustling to get your first client, a new client, or an old client, to rehire you.  Getting your old clients to rehire you is one of the ways to get more and better projects.

As usual, I’ll share my experience;

I’m now two years into working in Upwork.

Sometimes it gets too busy outside Upwork (in my other hustles ) such that I stay out for months. But still, for the two years, I’ve handled 24 projects, and all of them came from less than eight clients.

That clearly indicates that most of the clients rehired me repeatedly, and that’s why I’m about to give you my top secrets.

Come to think of it; your previous clients already know your style (quality, professionalism, speed, etc.). This could only mean that the hiring process would be swift. No interviews, just a few updates if need be.

 Below are some tips to help you get rehired by your former clients;

  1.  Always Ask For a Review

Most clients admire professionalism, especially working online.  After finishing a project, it’s good to always send a report of it mentioning the areas you touched on and what you accomplished. After that, ask the client to review it.

Take it easy – this could be a short text such as ( Hello Catherine, I just completed the first five articles. I have exhausted the keywords recommended and included the 100 words excerpt you emphasized on. Please have a look, and let me know if I’m on the right track. I’m open to amendments).

As you read through that, you must have realized how relaxing it sounds. It reflects your level of professionalism and relieves the clients from the worries of being the one to reach out.

2.   Do an Excellent Job

 I know, right? Common sense. But this article won’t be complete without pointing this out. So let’s just say – no client will rehire you after doing a shoddy job. Try and meet their expectations, if not exceeding them. In any project you touch, give it your all.

3.  Update Your Portfolio Regularly

Old clients are as valuable as new ones. Please do not get too comfortable with them, and forget to update your portfolio.  Let them know that you’re continually improving your skills and working on other different projects.

Old clients will be attracted back whenever they see a collection of new projects on your profile. Otherwise, even the ones you currently have will disappear.

4. Stick to Your Deadline

 Apart from responding to their emails or texts in time, finish the project at the agreed time. There might be unavoidable factors that would inconvenience you once in a while, but try not to give excuses.

Clients get pissed off by unreliable writers a lot. They can hardly handle it, and they’ll be waiting eagerly for the project to end, so they do away with the situation.

If possible, turn on your email notification. I have a separate email address for my clients ( job). That’s how much I value my work.

5.  Keep in Touch With Them

 Do not allow yourself to lose the lead . Send season greetings once in a while to let them remember you. Once you update your profile, you can send them a link to let them know your latest achievements.

They are among your significant references, and they can always rehire you too.

 Bottom Line

 It’s okay if a client or two won’t rehire you. Do not take it personally lol. They might not be having ongoing projects, or their budget changed, and they had to shift to a different business.  Clients will come and go!

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