How To Get The Most Out Of Your Online Courses

I completed my Graphic Design course  in Udemy last week on Wednesday. Confession- I feel like I gained more than I paid for! This was my second time doing an online course, after an online writing course I did two years ago. And I felt the same way.

On that writing course, I actually got my first job a month after joining the course. I had dropped out of the classes two weeks earlier because the course was too detailed and straight to the point;  I didn’t see the need to consult my trainer  hahahaha. Please don’t be like me.

These 2 courses have given me the impression that I might be having a few tips on how to be productive while studying online.

Apart from owning a very detailed and precise Online Writing Course , I also conduct face to face trainings, but at a higher fee. That comes with the costs of the many apparent advantages that accompany this setup.

Most of my students prefer the online course because they either live in a different city, or they currently can’t raise the other fee.

Now back to business;

I have noticed that some students really struggle to gain from an online course . I know this for sure because I’ve trained students who are currently doing so well in the field, and some who have had to shift from an online class, to a physical one.  So I can picture both of them.

This is among my most extended intro ever – I did that intentionally to make you understand why I’m the right person to be advising you on these.

Now here are my top tricks and tips;

 Contact Your Trainer Frequently

 Look here, when you don’t contact your trainer, they assume that everything is okay. I’m the student that will reach out to my trainer even when my training is going on well lol. I will look for as little excuse as;

 Hi Robbert, I just want to say a big thank you for taking the time to create this course. I’m on chapter 3 of the curriculum, and I am honestly enjoying the transparency. Thanks a lot. (Oh well I just copy-pasted this from what I wrote to my trainer).

You see, I’m being honest, and at the same time, want to keep in touch with my trainer, and assure him of his excellent work.

Now the whole secret behind this is to be noted for a good reason.

Let’s be realistic; we are human, and we get motivated by such kind words. The next time I get stuck with something in the course, the trainer will reply with a different picture of me at the back of his mind.

Well, if being nice to people is not your thing, I still have what could suit you; how about actively participating?  For instance, asking questions, asking for clarification, starting a discussion about a particular topic, etc.

Just make sure you check in often. Personally, I provide my email and a WhatsApp number to all my students, so they can feel free to chat me. Always speak out immediately whenever you fall behind.

NB; I treat all my students equally.


This one is the critical determiner of the course output.  From experience, I advise that you only enroll to a course you really need . Please do not put your hard-earned money to waste, by registering to a system, only to lazy through it. Have the zeal, and the urge to gain from it, and that’s the only time you’ll find the course helpful.

If you sign up for a course with a different mentality than that, it’s going to be so useless to you.  Ensure that you stick to the limits and integrate some personal time with your typical schedule.

 The Littlest Points Matter

When I was taking my online writing course – if only I hadn’t taken in the minimal instructions, I wouldn’t be having this blog. I trusted my trainer so much, such that I wanted to follow into his exact footsteps.

I never went into the next chapter before finishing everything he recommended in the previous chapter. I took the course with an extremely positive mind and knew that the outcome would depend on my attitude.

Every single time I remember studying that course, I feel so proud of my mentor Walter Akolo .

 I discovered that Writing is so comprehensive, and during the training, you need to know more than putting a well-written article on a paper.  The deeper side of it goes to learning how to get clients, how to avoid being scammed in the industry, how to write winning proposals, where you’ll find genuine clients, how to set your prices, the tools you need to set off as a writer, etc..

For you to know all these, you needed to have the attitude of taking everything written in the course seriously. Otherwise you’ll put all your effort on learning how to write an article, then after that, you’ll be wondering what next lol.

Act now .

 Regular Revisions

I just finished revising my course one month later, and incorporating more revisions in it is something I’ve really considered a lot.  By the way, most online courses, especially writing-related ones , lack this. The highest number of revisions I’ve experienced in my two online learning courses is two.

I somehow understand; it takes so much to edit an article, now talk of 4 of them. But because I want to stand out, I’ve done excellently well to give my students five revisions, so I can get to know their exact weaknesses.

More than three revisions should help you identify the areas you’re doing good in, and those you’re poor at. By the time you submit your fifth revision, you should be a pro! On that note, make maximum use of the Google, and follow every instruction on your course, so that in case you get a correction, it’ll be a new word you’ll see.

 To wrap it up, your success during your online learning is dependent on how engaged you are. Be open to the subject material, be consistent, and have the urge to gain from it.  You paid for that, so ensure to reap the benefits, and create your own course too, years later! That’s what I did, and that’s what I want from all my students….even more.

I’ll be very happy to train you! You can also make this you full time job as I do. Enroll to my course now, and let’s do this. Oh, you need it as a side hustle? Perfect for that extra coin.

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  1. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the interesting blog post. I am one of those people who enrolls for several courses and I don’t finish them! Mostly because I am multi-passionate. Well, this year I have been more intentional about the things that I am learning by applying the just-in-time learning-focusing on what can make a huge difference in a single lesson. While I love Coursera and edx, lately I have been loving Skillshare. Then, I am also committing to paying for the courses that I enroll.

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