What Exactly Is Freelance Writing – How Do You Become One?

You are probably wondering what freelance writing is all about.  Maybe you’ve seen me talk about it countless times on   my YouTube channel.   

If you’re among the people who don’t like waking up to go to work every morning (9 to 5 job) – this is your article.

 Freelance writers work on a self-employed basis.  They can work for one company (magazine or website) and write various articles for each at different time stages.  They are considered as independent business owners.

 Some freelance writers work for many clients at a time. I’m the best example. I’m currently writing blogs for a website that just launched days ago.  I’m also writing for a hair company that I’ve been writing for, for a very long time (2 articles per week), and other few individual clients.

I get time to write for all of them because they all need their articles ready at different times, and this is my business, so I know how to schedule it best, and hit the deadlines.

 The Benefits You Get From Being a Freelance Writer

  • You can choose your own working hours
  • You can choose who to work for
  • You can customize the environment you want to work in. Some people, just like me, are late-night workers, some love working during the day; some are early birds, etc. Other people love vacations – This is the best job to do on holidays.
  • You can run your other businesses freely and write at the same time

 Which Type Of Freelance Writer Are You?

  1. Freelance web content writer

I began with this because I’m best at it.  I love creating content meant for a website because I’m so good at SEO Writing (Search Engine Optimization). However, I’d say I’ve done most freelance work. I’ve guest-posted, ghostwritten, etc.

 2. Freelance blogger

 These ones focus on writing blog posts. A blog post is what you’re reading now, basically. Freelance bloggers own professional websites, like mine, and create a blog pages on them. They then make money through blogging on them. I clearly cover most parts of freelance writing, as you’re about to notice.

 3. Content writer

 They write different types of content.  They can do ebooks, blog posts, white paper (mostly known as academic writing in Kenya, etc.…)

4. Ghostwriter

 Ghostwriters give out their content in someone else’s name. I do this a lot. For instance, I’m too busy to write on my blog; I therefore, hire someone to write me three blog posts, which I later post on my blog. But then, it will read as Written by, Laura Wendy. Whoever wrote those articles are ghostwriters.

5. Professional writer

When you’ve worked in the writing industry for so long, and it’s working for you – change that profile to A Professional Writer, hun…lol

 All in all, any written and published work should be respected, despite nature.  Now that you have a clue on what Freelance writing, you could enroll in my course , and let’s get started.

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