4 Proven Proposals That Got Me Hired on Upwork, And Their Respective Clients’ Job Descriptions

Hello writers and readers, It’s 10; 25 pm East African time as I start writing this article. I love sharing the tips I use to win in life. Most of the time I do not intend to share – but once I do, I feel happier sharing.

I took a long break out of Upwork, as I was working with my two long-term clients that are both building their websites, and therefore needed me full time. We’ve been working with them for years, and when this year began, I thought we’d wrap up, and go back to Upwork. Well, we’re still working, December 2021, and no signs to stop because I’m always coming up with new, constructive ideas for their upcoming websites.

You see, clients don’t just re-hire you for nothing. But when you look for the loopholes in the problems and offer genuine solutions; you’re stuck with them for some good projects.

I talk too much. This December, I blessed myself with my dream laptop, and in the spirit of testing it on all my favorite activities; I decided to jokingly send 4 proposals on Upwork. I truly wasn’t expecting anything, but since I don’t know how to send shoddy proposals, I did a good job.

Two of the proposals got interviews right away. But I proceeded with only one for a contract because the other was undercharging, and wouldn’t step up to my rates.

Sharing My Proposals

I’m almost getting to what you’re here for.

Initially, I had promised myself to post most of the proposals that I win jobs from, here on my blog – so that others can pick one or two ideas from them.

The good news is that I’ll continue working on Upwork, and look for a way to balance with my non-Upwork clients, as well as create content on YouTube, create websites for my clients, train my online article writing students, and run my businesses.

As per the later point, I sent a few more proposals, after the first 4, and got 3 interviews, but proceeded with one. Out of the two dropped, one thought I was missing on Upwork for long (they see on your profile whether you’ve been actively working or not), while the other couldn’t afford me again.

Below I’m sharing proposals from the clients who hired me, and those were eying me, but couldn’t hire me. I’m attaching the clients’ job descriptions too, so that you can connect my proposals to them, for a better understanding:

1. Client’s Job Description 1

1600 words of existing web copy needed for rewrite. Quick turnaround required.

Well-written copy already created. Just needs to say the exact same thing, but in a different and unique way. A basic yet interesting task for any skilled writer. Seeking someone that can complete and send through a strong rewrite requiring no changes in 24 hours.

My Answering Proposal


 I understand that you need the whole idea retained in the content, but written differently. That’s something I’ll enjoy doing. 24 hours is enough for me as I’m a full-time creative writer.

 I’ll deliver grammatically correct, unique, and creatively written copy that you won’t need to further correct.

 Please reach out with more information if you’d like us to work on this.



2. Client’s Job Description 2

SEO, Weekly Blogging for Baby Clothing Brand

I am looking for SEO + regular blogging for baby wear brand. Regular blogging on own website and on other pages to create good links to the website. Someone with experience in baby /fashion field preferred

My Answering Proposal


 I own a WordPress blog that helps me pour out my heart through writing when I’m not working with my clients. “SEO is a must for any web property”, this is my career mantra.

 Some of the best baby topics I’ve written about are:

 1. How to Dress a Baby for a Photoshoot

 2. All You need to Know for Unique Baby Shower

 3. Baby Gifts to Avoid……amongst many other

 I’ll be attaching the articles too.

 Here’s my website link for my portfolio, and samples:

 I’m a full-time web content writer and I ensure timely submissions of work and professionalism.

 Please contact me, and let’s work on this.



3. Clients’ Job Description 3

Content writer for a finance website

Hi, I am looking for a content writer to update the content on my website. I have a finance company that specializes in loans. Background in this industry would be a lot of help. We provide personal loans, car loans and business loans. the text has to be creative and dynamic and able to hook the visitor to the website

My Answering Proposal 4


 I’ve carefully reviewed the experience requirements of the job description, and I feel that I am a suitable match. Being a full-time Web content writer, I believe that SEO is a must for every web content. I excellently spread my keywords across any web content I write, as well as enjoy doing thorough research.

 I use answerthepublic, Google Ads Keyword Tool, or SEranking.com for keyword searching can do page content, blog posts, ghost-writing, landing page copy, newsletters, e-books, and any of your other content marketing needs.

 Here’s my website link for my portfolio and samples: https://laurawendycom.blogs/

 I feel that I can add professionalism and accuracy to your website using my extensive experience in, and out of Upwork.

 If there’s a feeling of mutual interest, I would welcome the opportunity to meet your content needs, as I learn more about your website, and how my qualifications would be a good fit.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Many Thanks,


4. Client’s  Job Description 4

I need someone to create content for 15 social posts. I need content that can be used in infographics + captions for each post. I have specific topics and places where content can be taken from. Please only apply if you can start soon.

My Answering Proposal


 I’m ready to start working immediately.

 I am writing in response to your advertisement for a content creator for your 15 social posts, together with their captions.

 I can also do blog posts, ghostwriting, landing page copy, newsletters, e-books, landing page content,t and any of your other content marketing needs

 This is a link to my website for my portfolio and samples: https://laurawendycom.blogs/

 With my extensive experience, I complete my projects under minimal supervision and on time.

 If you feel there is a mutual interest, I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to learn more about your website, and how my qualifications would be a good fit.

 I look forward to hearing from you.

 Many Thanks,


The Bottom Line

With all these given examples, I hope you realize some of the mistakes you’ve been doing or notice what you’ve been leaving out.

Engage me in the comments below and tell me what you’ve discovered and learned from my proposals.

I also have an online article writing course that focuses on writing proposals on Upwork, pitching for clients outside Upwork, amongst many other lessons. Feel free to enroll on it here.

Keep it here for more Freelance writing tips and knowledge, and talk to you soon.

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