7 Challenges Faced By Freelance Writers: And Their Solutions

I know you are tired of reading this – I’ve been a freelance writer for almost 9 months now. I honestly love every moment of it, but hey:  that’s not to mean that it doesn’t have its challenges.

 My Upwork profile is open to anyone for now, and everyone can access my income reports from it.  Some people see me earn 4 to 5 figures each month from writing, and they come into my email asking for tips to make money online.

 Well, you only get to see the better aspect of it and not the many challenges that come with it. I’m a full-time freelance writer, for now, and before becoming one too, you should beware of various challenges that come with it. They will help you know how to go about it, and come out successful.

 Here are a few of the challenges, and a solution attached to each:

  1. Finding Work/Clients

 No lie here, as this is the top challenge faced by most freelance writers. There is thorough competition in several legit freelance writing sites that offer clients/jobs, and it takes one to have “more” to be successful in them.

The same job you bid, possibly has got hundreds of proposals, from experts, and old freelancers, who have their portfolios wrapped up in juicy looks. Yes! Those are the people you’re on board with, so unless you’re one of them, which is impossible when you’re just beginning, then you need a way out.

Being independent may be a great way out of this. First, create your professional blog, and write informative and unique articles on it. On that blog, make sure to put up a ‘My services” page, which you’ll then use to market yourself.  When your blog is up and running, now start guest blogging. This is a way to tell potential clients, through other blogs, what you can do. And if your work is superb, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll go through.

2. Boringness

 If you’ve not experienced this, pray so hard and work so smart not to. As for me, I’ve definitely experienced it. When you first start off as a freelance writer, you have so much energy and passion. But with time, things may not turn out as smooth as you though. It is normal.

First, know the appropriate procedure to start off .  Freelance writing is so good, but once in a while, it pushes your strength and passion so low. Do not stress yourself beyond limits. You aren’t a slave, so don’t act like one.  When things aren’t going right, accept the situation, instead of trying to make things on your side look like heaven.

 Also, simply love your work, and enjoy doing it. Try relating and interacting with successful writers, share your difficulties with them, discuss matters freelancing and ask for tips and advice.

Do not quit: yes it gets this hotter, but just hold on. Don’t message your clients, telling them to cancel/end your contracts. Take it easy, and give it time.

3. Deadlines

 I’m literally laughing out so loud, writing this. I’m always like thrice active when it hits me that I’m on a deadline of a particular project, but yet to be done.  I spend so many nights awake, and days in my pajamas, looking at the clock ticking…lol!

 Well, let’s not pretend as if we all don’t know the simple solution to this please, hehehe. I mean. Let’s just work when we are supposed to work – Okrrrrrrr?

4. Procrastination

 (Sigh). The heavens know how much I’m good at procrastinating (not proud of it). I have this client who gives me contracts monthly. So we agreed on weekly deadlines, but I’m always doing the work within the last 2 days of the week, you won’t just believe.

 I spend the rest of the days having fun, make my nails, go out on a coffee date with a new friend, and do all those things I miss doing. I would never advise my worst enemy to do this. Trust me in the long run, you’ll get a burnout from overworking.

 Be consistent, and truthful to your projects, if not your client. Do not mix up work, and fun. When you have work to do, don’t play at that time – just work! It sounds ridiculous, but it’s worth the tone (laughs).

5. Time

 Honestly, if you think that time is not a problem in your career – confess on the comment section. I guess I’ll have zero comments on that, because clearly… Who’s not struggling with time!

 But now, on a freelance writer’s case, we are paid based on time – mostly. Of course, aside from writing, you may have other responsibilities. Maybe you are a parent, with toddlers, and such things. My biggest struggle on this has been weighing out between running my website and writing for my clients.

 I’ve to design my graphics, code my website, tweak the themes, and again, write for my awesome clients.

 We have to solve this today. Now, what’s more important to you? I’ll keep using my example. For instance, if I spend a day writing for a client, I’ll definitely make more money than what I could spend on paying someone to design my website for me.

 If you’re keen enough, you already got the point. Also, if you read my last blog, you already know that I prefer going for few, high paying jobs, then a bunch of low paying ones.  This could also be a strategy, as it has kind of worked for me.

 What I mean is that you should mind your picks on jobs. You can choose to do two well paying, and well-flowing jobs, rather than pick a whole lot of jobs, with a lot of complications (if you are a writer you know). That would also solve your time a big deal.

 I don’t mean to be biased, and that calls for me to explain this: You can choose to do two well paying, and well-flowing jobs, rather than pick a whole lot of jobs, with a lot of complications (if you are a writer you know). That would also solve your time a big deal.

  • Stubborn clients
  • Low paying jobs
  • “Scammish” jobs

 6. Where Are The Ideas Though?

Who said that freelance writers must be experts in everything they cover! But wait, you’re expected to do the research, and cover whatever comes your way. The truth is that lacking ideas is a terrible thing, to happen to a freelance writer.

 The solution to this could be spending time with people in your niche, read other peoples blogs and articles, whether they are relevant to you or not.   Read anything good – they will expand your thinking, and give you ideas, on how to tackle a subject, when writing.

7. I’ve Fallen Sick: No Income

 Yes, you read it right. The saddest thing is that there is almost no fix to this situation. When you fall sick and stay lying on your bed for a month, your income will go down.

 Look, you are a freelance writer. You do all the writing on your own. Who then will replace you? They are services you offer from your brains if that makes sense. I mean, you can never give anyone your brains, and let them transfer the knowledge.

 The best thing to do is to always try and stay fit, and eat healthy. This way, you may prevent diseases, before curing. Freelance writing as a career encourages people to sit in one place. Allow me use myself as an example again: I’ve been turned into an introvert by this career (true story).

 I lock myself up in my house for a week, just sitting, typing, eating, and sleeping in the latest hours of the night. With this kind of lifestyle, you can easily end unhealthy. I’d recommend you work out, eat healthily, and go out once in a while.

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Aha! Heading to 1500 words, and I’m not even halfway! Well, I guess I’ll have to end this blog here. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comment section. Let’s catch up and talk more too – makes me happy to discuss matters in freelance writing.

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