8 Top Marketing Ideas for Real Estate in 2019


2019 is here with us, and as a marketer in real estate, you should be thinking about various techniques of improving your business and be on the right track throughout the year.  Real estate marketing is a way to attract potential home buyers as well as listing your market.

 Below are eight great strategies for real estate agents to reinforce publicizing efforts in 2019:

  1.  Create valuable content

Remember, you should be focusing on clients who in the market to either buy or sell homes, as a real estate agent.  But what will you do the years amid the transactions?  There are clients to who, you posting one listing after the next, is not accommodating or relevant.  This means that you have to share informative content which applies to clients who are currently outside the market.  It will significantly expose you to potential clients.   When you regularly do this, you will stay top always, and they will remember you at a time when they need to make a move.

  •  Do a follow up on your clients

Your past clients are vital to you, as a real estate agent. So you should always stay in touch with them.  Many people do not sell homes several times, but whenever they want to, you want to be the agent they look for.  Ensure you send email newsletters frequently; the newsletters should hold important data that is helpful.  This will make them remember you whenever they need help again.

 Picking a phone and calling your clients to thank them for business will not harm, but it will only do you good. This can be done some few days, months or years after the end of the previous business.

  •  Upgrade the quality of your photo

There is a big difference between high-quality photography and a rushed snap.  If you are in search of a new home yet your photos are blurry, grainy and at weird angles, the home will not make a right and positive impression.

This year, there are utterly no lame excuses for poor quality photography in your advertising collateral.  If your phone has got a clear camera, you do not have to buy or hire professionals; you can even edit in your phone, using editing apps.  Although, you should take your time and make clear, quality images before posting to your listing.  Natural light is recommended for clear photos.  A possible client will notice and appreciate.

  • Actively post on social media

As everyone else uses social media to display about their lives, as a real estate agent, you should be using these channels to nurture your businesses.  This is your resolution for this year.  Do you know where your clients and prospects are? Online. 

Do not make a mistake of posting only home listings. Think about those who are not in positions to buy a home at the moment.  What you should do instead, is to post some rich content as we discussed before, and share on this social media platforms.  Encourage people to give their views, and respond appropriately when they do. 

  • Clean up your database

If you do not do this, you will waste a lot of efforts that you put into content creation and sending the newsletter. Too many spam reports, and unsubscribes, you will not be able to make it to the inbox.

Confirming your data is clean is very crucial as it will affect your email deliveries and also your capacity to increase your range.  Clean up your data from time to time then eliminate unsubscribe requests for the better of your business efforts.

  • Automate your marketing

Whether you are a real estate agent or broker, it is essential to manage a healthy pipeline of customers and prospects.  With a tight schedule of tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis, it might be hard for you to do all the follow-ups on the emails you send, follow-ups with the past customers and sharing content.

Do not worry, though, social; media marketing, as well as automated emails, will do you well.  You will get to reach your audience even without taking them out for dinner there are specific tools that will help you automate this by yourself.

  • Add live chat on your website

Optimistically, you are expecting that you generate web traffic. So, what if a possible client visits your site?  It is essential that you avail yourself when prospects need you.  The most convenient way to do this is by adding a live chat to your website. That way, you will be available 24/7. In matters conversation in the site, live chat is the best marketing tool.  Those who visit your website can be able to ask any question and receive answers instantly.

 Live chats also make the user experience stronger.

  •  Ask for referrals

Amongst the most successful efforts of marketing, are the referrals from current and previous clients.  If you are not spending any money on referrals, thinks about it.  It is 2019, and you can change on this.  Create a technique on how you can ask for referrals from clients and make it a customary exercise.

 It is clear that when your schedule is too tight, the efforts of creating references may seem discouraging.  But come to think of how much it would impact your business.  So many people have always preferred recommendations from family and friends.  But this should not limit you. Go on and ask your satisfied clients to pass the information to their friend and families.  There are high chances that they will happily do that.

In conclusion, for you to kick start your marketing campaigns, the above points are everything that you ever need.   Good real estate strategies rely on how you market, firm and management tools are like.  It is worth noting that SEO is a must for any and every web property.  A good marketing strategy will help you generate traffic to your business so that you can comfortably concentrate on selling houses.


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