About Me


My name is Laura. I’m in my mid-20s and a Full-Time Freelance writer.

I do blog posts, ghost-writing, landing page copy, articles, newsletters, e-books, and any of your other content marketing needs.

As an introverted Freelance Writer, I enjoy sharing my writing experiences with the world through my blog section.

I allow you to read through a writer’s world; our earnings, tips and tricks on winning clients/gigs, and much other meaningful information.

The more I enjoyed pouring out my thoughts on my blog, the more I wanted to document my daily life through videos too. That’s how I ended up creating content on my youtube channel, which I enjoy so much!

I’m also very entrepreneurial-minded; therefore have a few businesses here and there. However, my most favorite business throughout has been Training People to be great Writers. Click here to enroll in my Online Article Writing Course. Let me help you get started in setting off your freelance writing business.