My name is Laura. I’m a Kenyan-based Copywriter & Ghostwriter.

I’m driven by passion, to build a professional experience in content (SEO) writing, blogging, copywriting and brand storytelling for some years now to meet the demands of vision-driven and goal-oriented organizations.

I help brands like yours by producing content that converts to bring you more sales. My job is to make your life easier.

I’m not only a copywriter – I’m your audience. I enjoy a well-put-together piece of content. I’ve always had a love for the written words and as a child/teen, I read almost everything (newspapers, magazines, children’s books, novels, biographies, etc)

It’s breathtakingly powerful — seeing how words come alive, creating a lasting mental image and filling the reader with emotion — filled me with passion.

I have also expanded this experience to include content marketing – telling a brand’s story and getting its audience to bond with it emotionally to grow the brand is what I do.