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Hello, I’m Laura Wendy, and I tripped into freelance writing early in the year 2019, never to find my way out! I coach aspiring freelance writers on how to earn money writing online, either as a full-time/part-time gig. It was hard to believe that I could be where I am today, and that is why I believe you too can. I have always enjoyed writing, reading, and researching. I find it so easy to put my thoughts down on a paper. That is how I realized that online writing is for me. Do you have the same feeling? Take action now. I will be happy to share my experience with you to help you get started in setting off your freelance writing business. If at all you have been sitting on the idea of freelance writing, because you don’t know where to start from, sign up for my FREE online writing course. Let’s be friends. Follow me on LinkedIn , Instagram , and Pinterest , and let’s keep the connection live.

5 Chic Ways to Style Your Mom Jeans

Hey ladies! Let’s talk mom jeans, Mom jeans are one of the trendiest fashions that are timeless and belong to every lady’s wardrobe. I guess you run out of options when you think of what to wear to go well with your pair of mom jeans. Well, if you are looking for some suggestions on what to match with your mom’s jeans for different occasions, you are in the right place. Mom jeans are occasionally styled in many different events whether it’s indoors, outdoors, casual or official settings they usually come in handy. Here are some pieces assembled to help you out.

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5-Months Travel Planning Guide for a Travel Enthusiast

You’re about to begin an epic adventure and want to have the best time possible. The time has come after some time spent considering it. We are aware of how hectic travel planning may be. Here is a 5-month vacation planning guide for those who love to travel, so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.
You’ll find everything you need to plan a successful trip, including advice on how to pack for the first day, book flights, identify the finest accommodations for your needs, and research restaurants and activities.
Go out there; the world is waiting for you. Jobs fill your pockets; adventures feed your soul. So continue reading to get the best advice.

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Which Way Marketing? 3 Digital Marketing Strategies to look out for in 2023

The digital market is a dynamic landscape, forever evolving as demand for technology continues to skyrocket and billions of people […]

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Have you ever thought of saving and getting out of continuous and rising debts but you keep procrastinating; using excuses like “I will start saving next year” or “I have way too much bills to pay”? Well, truth be told, I’ve been there! Saving money can prove to be a tough hassle as well as a confusing issue and this is why I’ve compiled these three summarized but detailed tips on how you can save money and get out of debt fast.

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In my previous post on financial literacy, I touched on the importance of understanding money-related dynamics. That means understanding that anything can happen that might cause a significant imbalance in your income and financial goals. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

I know you are eager to know the tips on how to build your emergency fund, but first, I will explain why I started saving for emergencies. I am a freelance writer and blogger. I say my profession because it is my source of income, and with it comes irregular work schedules and thus paychecks.

This means I can get a ton of work in a particular month and very little to no jobs the other month. The uncertainty that comes with this payment plan made me think of how I could shelter myself and my lifestyle in the “low months.”

One day as I was ‘Netflix and chilling,’ I came across a series called “The Smart Money Woman.” This series really changed my perspective on money management.

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Financial Literacy- What is it, and why is it important?

Money is crucial in today’s world. Everything has a cost or value, which mostly requires money to get it. As every individual grows, they need more of it.

Now, it is not a shocker that making money is hard. Even if it isn’t for you, you have to make tough decisions on allocating a particular amount to a specific purpose or task every day. I am sure you agree that this is hard, right?

Some individuals get paid or earn money hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and so on. Others like me, who is a freelance writer, can’t say their exact monthly income and its trends. So, how you use this money to suit your lifestyle while ensuring you save and grow sums up to financial literacy.

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4 Considerations for Women Starting a Post-Pandemic Home-Based Business

It’s not a secret that the pandemic has disproportionately affected women. Mental illness has ballooned over the past few years, domestic violence has increased (according to UN Women), and mothers have spent more time on childcare than fathers even when both parents work full-time.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Article

I take a wordy article introduction as a sign of a lack of enough preparation on the writer’s side. You’re not so sure about what you want to write about and as a result, you’re hemming and hawing before getting to the point.

Writers love to dramatically set up scenes but when it comes to non-fiction writing – get to the hook ASAP. The clock is ticking as it is.

Did I spend so much time on that intro? Lol

The goal is to communicate more clearly and focus on the message you’re passing rather than the several needless words.

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4 Proven Proposals That Got Me Hired on Upwork, And Their Respective Clients’ Job Descriptions

Hello writers and readers, It’s 10; 25 pm East African time as I start writing this article. I love sharing […]

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It’s 2020, and Upwork clients have mastered enough of all the copy and pasted proposals. They are yearning for customized […]

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