How Much Do Beginner Freelance Writers Earn? Revealed!

Let’s face the truth, most people aspiring to be writers want to know how much they’re likely to earn, before signing in to the business.

This is sensitive and tough data to pin down. But I will do it from my own analysis.

“How much do you earn, say per month? “ This is my life every day.

 Before I go into details about how much a beginner earns as a freelance writer, let me say a few things

I used to think that I can only do freelance writing as a side hustle. Several white-color job individuals assured me that no one could ever survive doing freelance writing, as a full-time job.

Very Wrong! Yes, I sentence cased that statement.

 I now visit several blogs owned by freelance writers and see them making billions of money in short periods.  It’s very possible.

I chose to write this article because I’m a beginner freelance writer, and somehow, I’m writing from experience and those shared by fellow starters.

  1. Facts to know when you’re starting as a freelance writer

When you are a beginner, You have to start from the bottom.

You’ll have to write content, put in a lot of effort, and spend many hours on it for little income. Don’t give up, because that experience is significant for your development. Many beginners will relate to this.

 There is nothing wrong with starting low. It is only a stage that we have to go through.

The good thing will be taking appropriate steps, and quickly graduating from this particular stage.  But hey! Your mindset should never lie to you, that you should take in any amount of pay that comes across, just because you’re a beginner. That’s dangerous!

 2. When I thought $50 was so much

 When I started a freelance writing business, my main source of income was through Upwork. I feel ashamed to say that I was so desperate to get a job. I wanted ANY job (dangerous too). I didn’t care much about the charges; all I wanted is to be hired.

 Back then, Upwork gave us 60 free connects each month, unlike now, when we purchase them at $0.15 each.  So in my first month, I used all the connects within a week, and I almost took a job that was paying so low.

My last connect gave me a job that paid $50.00 and trust  I was the happiest girl on planet. Then, that was so much money! Probably it was, given that I did the project and finished it within a few days.

 “If only I can get several such jobs, and complete 3 of them within a week, I could earn $150.00”. Those were my thoughts most of the time.

Luckily, this client was extremely happy with my work, and I guess with my charges too, lol, such that she stuck with me. She had a brand new website, with zero content, saw I wrote all the content needed for the site, for some time, and by the end of it all, I had some good money in my bank.

She increased my pay along the way and gave me bonuses here and there. Of course, she paid me in milestones, so I didn’t have to wait for long.

4. I finally made it to $1000

 A good thing with freelance writing is that you can always work with several contracts, at the same time. So I got a few more contracts, as I worked for my first clients.

Just like my first client, my second client had a huge load of article needs for his new website.

Tip; When you’re new, the *$0 spent * clients who have verified payments (new clients) will come in handy.

 To cut the long story short, I’m going to my Upwork profile right now, to calculate how much I earned within 5 months, and come back with actual figures (goes to her Upwork profile).

 Wow! $1540.60! Well, this is an amount that some freelance writers earn from writing a single blog (I thought you should know).

 Well, right now, my game has changed. I’m focusing on doing a few, quality contracts, for a higher amount of money.  This has not just happened to me. I know several freelance writers, who have worked for. Less than I did, and it is very saddening.

5.  A Word for the Beginners

  • Place reasonable charges, not too low. Just do it!
  • Improve your skills constantly
  • Don’t set your charges low, for the fear of criticism

Bottom line

 Do you have any questions/concerns? Do not hesitate to talk to me through the comment section down there (smiles). J Don’t procrastinate either. Your dreams are only a step away. Wake up! People are making money, and impacting their lives, and that of their loved ones. Be among them.

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