How to Be Yourself in Social Media

Have you ever been asked by either a friend or family just to be yourself especially your actions?   This also relates to social media interactions.  Several people are looking forward to your acting real, being real means that you will get to socialize with your friends truly. You do not need to fake anything.  You should give people a chance to either love or hate you for who you are.  The way you express yourself in social media reflects your self-perception and personal growth. Of course, some people are going to hate you, but it is okay, as long as they know the real you.   The bottom line is to be yourself, for you to relate well to other people .

In life, some people want to interact with others, just to know who they indeed are.  And every person will have their own opinion about you. They have already an image of how you should act, their expectations, and if you tend to work in a certain way, it might seem completely fake.  Therefore, learn to know what other people are thinking about you. 

 A large number of people are currently using social media, and the number increase s with days. This means that many people are being influenced by others in social media, the trendy things and the articles people post.  Although social media is a platform where people get the chance to express themselves, there are so much hindering them.  Some people end up having low self-esteem, due to the social influence they get from social media. The following points will help you learn how to be you, in social media:

  1. The Type of Interaction Others Expect To Have With You

  Whether you are some who talks business, even during personal interactions or you never talk about business as soon as you get out of the office, or maybe you are dangling in between there. It does not matter, remain you, and act you. Know exactly who you are, can help you decide on the kind of content you post on social media.  Either business related, or personal posts.

  • How Talkative You Are

  Some people are as chatty as getting free to talk with strangers, as get to know each other so quickly. On the other hand, the people who are reserved will only speak to the people they know or people who talk to them as well.  This is also a piece of vital information that can help you understand how often you post on social media, and how you behave after posting. For instance, how you reply to the comments on your posts, and the manner in which you communicate to the people commenting, like how often.

  • Your Personality

Are you that dangerous individual who does not like joking around anyhow? Or maybe you are a joker.  Get to understand your character and know what your posts should be looking like. That way, you will not look as if you are faking anything, in the eyes of your social media friends.

 Many people make a big mistake by trying to live the life they wish they could be living, in social media.  Staying true to you will help others stay true to themselves too.  Some people take time to decide on the type of picture to post on social media. The hesitation is due to the fear of no receiving likes or not drawing people’s attention.  Whatever the case, social media get to reveal so much about you, that you did not even share, then what you think.

  • Embrace Who You Are

 Create an excellent opportunity for people to know you across the world.  If you love fashion, let them know by posting your daily outfits. Maybe you are a poet; you can post one of the poems for people to read and enjoy. Make people happy by being real. Perhaps, some people will hate on you, it is normal, as not everyone will love you.

 When they hate you, they may also hate what you post. So take it easy, it is common.  One good thing is that when you stick to being real on social media, meeting people in real life will not come as a surprise to them since they already know some part of you.

 In conclusion, you may want to change, anyway. It does not mean that because you act in a particular manner, you cannot change.  You can transform, just to get to the destination that you want to.  It is so easy, first, starting with who you are, and then, when people get to know you, you can quickly start implementing your new tactics one by one.  After some time, you will get to know what works for you and what cannot work, on different social platforms.  

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