Revealed! 5 Secrets facts About the Friends Cast no one knew About

No one is about to argue about how a big sitcom Friends was in the ’90s. In fact, it’s attracting more fans today, all thanks to Netflix. As a friends fan, you might think that you know everything that is to be known about the show by now.

 Well, there is much into all that you already know: Behind the scenes! A number of secrets have been revealed.  Do you think you already knew all the secrets about friends? Let’s see.

 Here are the 5 secrets behind friends you had no idea about:

  1. Jennifer Aniston Hated the “Rachel”

Take it easy. The “Rachel” referred to Rachel’s short layered hairstyle. Most female fans went to there heels to obtain that hairstyle, and it had to be named.  Jennifer Aniston had it that the hair was the ugliest she had ever seen.

  • Other Cast Members Were Afraid Of Matt Leblanc

 Although joey was not that scary, other cast members were so afraid of Matt LeBlanc.  What brought up the fear though? Well, Matt was brought up by a mechanic, and he had also done a stint as a male model. To add on that, Joey was a womanizer, and he played that character.

Aniston admitted that she was very scared of LeBlanc before she met him, but he turned out to be so friendly.

  • Chandler’s Weirdness Is Based On Matthew Perry

 It’s evident that some of Chandler’s personality elements were based on Matthew perry. Remember the conversation Perry had with the producer about his life?  Can you relate that to Chandler’s awkwardness? Yes, it makes a lot of sense.

  • The Cast Wanted To Reject The Reincarnated Mom Story

 This was one of the most awkward storylines, but most of the casts were not so keen to talk about it.  After the death of Marta Kauffman’s mum, no other writer felt comfortable to shoot it. this shows how much the cast didn’t love this storyline.

  • David Schwimmer’s Neighbors Hated Him

 If you are wondering if even neigh or experience feuds with their neighbors, you are not alone.  Ross’ neighbor spray-painted the message “Ross is not cool” on his construction site fence. This was after he had decided to tear his whole land down and start fresh, rather than renovate it.

All these happened at the property he had bought in the east village (a townhouse).

The characters had crazy lives, such that they propelled the cast to the heights of fame, and good earnings.  Has it just hit you that you knew not too much of their secrets? 

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