The Role of Hair Extensions on the Natural Hair Movement


 Have you heard some stories going around the hair extensions are not suitable for natural hairs? We request to contrast. Hair extensions are not just safe, but also faultless in facilitating your hair growth.  Hair extensions will only damage your natural hair when wrongly fitted. Trying on extensions will make you act carefully and to be tender to your hair. It will also help you through the difficult period of your hair growth, by making sure you remain as cute as possible. This article thrives to inform you of why natural hair got several people talking about it, why a woman should be accepted in the community, with her natural hair.

With natural hair, you tend to use styling products most of the time.  But a time comes when you need to give your hair a break from all the hair products.  This is where hair extensions will go in and save you a big deal.  You just have to inform your stylist that you need an extension installation.  , before and after your hair extensions is fitted, you should first apply some coconut oil on your real hair to nourish it. It is very healthy.

 Natural hair can also have challenges. Maybe you want to change your style by coloring your hair.  The coloring process is not as easy as it may seem. You may be undergoing a difficult time, like, let us say, your hair has been over processed by coloration. The endless frustrations of your hair not just growing past a certain length can be real.

 But extensions can help cover the distraught hair ends up until you regain your hair.  Perhaps, many African American women experience all kinds of struggle. The number of products necessary for their styling, add up to a percentage of the weighty projected 775 million dollars that African American women spend annually, in keeping their hair tame.

The hair of a black woman is distinctive to all another kind of hair throughout the sphere. Its thickness has a very high affinity to curl, if not well taken care of.  Taking care of it means you avoid being rained on, and going swimming in any way possible. Nevertheless, a lot has changed within the past few years, and all of a sudden, natural hair is the real deal.

 When referring to natural hair, it means untreated hair, or the hair that its texture has not been improved by chemicals at all.  The point is, black hair symbolizes black superiority.  Do not shy off wearing your hair even if it is, spring like, curly or zigzagged. You ought to intensify and possess your hair. You should love and care for it; you may consider putting some natural hair extensions to bring a change in your look.

For a long period, the European culture has influenced styling black hair.  They have been told to act and look in a specific kind of way, not forgetting dressing in a positively for them to attain whatsoever in their lives. The natural hair movement cries out this misunderstanding for precisely what it is, and that is, BS. And by the way, Black hair is fantastically cute.

During the eighties and nineties, hair straightening was considered stylish; it was the custom then.  In 2015, there was a documentary called “Good Hair” that was released. It augmented black hair bringing confidence to the African Americans. It left every African American man and woman disposing their hair chemicals and embracing the movement. Natural hair neither involves political motivation nor being dedicated to any specific beauty rule. Generally, it is put on by a woman who is just tired about the lengthy making up before leaving the house for work in the morning.

When isolation was still an enormous problem in America, in the sixties and seventies, full afros turned out to be common, afterward, Dreadlocks followed. That is the period when this movement began. Hair is a giant part of the culture for an African American woman, and if they feel like it should be worn vast and thick, it is alright.

, not every person loves natural hair, even though it is a physical expression of their beliefs. And that is fine, too. If your natural hair is short yet you want it long, hair expressions can help you achieve your goals. But how?

 The Bottom Line

Just like several other things in the community of blacks, hair is essential.  Recently, natural hair has been the talk of the town, being discussed in almost all social media platforms.  Natural hair movement is very crucial.  It gives black women an opportunity to showcase their self-worth.  Way back during the slavery era, there was so much low self-esteem for the black girls, and it is incredibly impressive to see black women shine with their heads high, with their cute, healthy natural hair.

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